Challenge Systems, Inc.

We provide BIM Services that spans through the stages of planning, design, construction and management across the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry.

We deliver superior BIM service such as 3D Modeling, BIM Coordination and Check, BIM Consulting and Implementation on all types and sizes of projects.

3D Modeling

We are helping customers increase productivity and profitability, in the fastest and most cost-effective way, with quality results. We provide additional skills and expertise, migrate models from 2D to 3D, create libraries and generate renderings and animations of products.

LOD 100 – conceptual, overall building massing indicative of area, height, volume, location and orientation may be modeled in 3D or represented by other data.

LOD 200 – Generic placeholders, modeled elements are modeled as generalized systems or assemblies with approximate quantities, size, shape, location and orientation. Non-geometric information may also be attached to the model elements.

LOD 300 – element modeling includes, specific assemblies, model elements are modeled as specific assemblies accurate in terms of quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation. Non-geometric information may also be attached to the model elements.

LOD 350 – element modeling includes, model element being graphically represented within the model with the detail necessary for cross-trade coordination and construction layout. Non-geometric information may also be attached to the model elements.


With our Model Coordination Check Services, we’ll combine all disciplines working with different systems into a single coordinated model. Here it becomes easier to identify and resolve clashes before construction even begins, and then produce more reliable, coordinated, and accurate construction documentation.

With this we will be able to reduce and eliminate field conflicts; which reduces RFI's significantly compared to other methods. We will be able to reduce construction cost (less change orders), increase productivity on site and produce more accurate as built drawings.


Our team of experts is well equipped to help customers transition with BIM Execution Planning. We understand customer workflows, identify and prioritize processes for improvement that align to business goals.

First, we look to prioritize which processes should be addressed to support your strategic business initiatives and policies. Up front, we will define the goals and metrics for tracking progress along the way.

Next, we will work with your team to address required business process changes while balancing the need to maintain ongoing high-quality project delivery.

Then, we can help you implement standards and workflows in a logical progression at a level which is appropriate to your organization. We can also help you to accelerate progress to more advanced capabilities.

With our team of creative artists, using modern technologies we can help you create high quality architectural visualization that makes great impact on your project presentations.

We offer a quality service, competitive prices and the commitment to meeting the deadlines for each project.